Last month, I focused on an important mindset for learning and growth: Learning is hard work. Oakfield Elementary staff members are learners while being committed to the hard work - and incredibly rewarding work - of taking our educational program to new heights.

There are three questions that will be are the forefront of our work.  They will be leading student learning and professional development conversations with staff.

  • Where are we going?

  • How are we doing?

  • Where to next?

Using the Green Bay Packers as an analogy, they could use these three questions before every game.  They have a clear sense of where they are going (They are working towards the end zone), how are they doing (Are they gaining yards or losing yards?  What yard line are they on?) and where to next (What play should they call next to reach their goal of the end zone or first down?).

Staff will be using these questions to guide conversation with students as they discuss goals for each trimester.  Building this progress and momentum early in the school year would not be possible without the engagement and support of the dedicated staff.  Their deep commitment to supporting students in being the best that they can be develops a foundation for a growth mindset.

As parents and community members, please use these questions to guide discussion at home with students. These questions can support conversation related to academics, behaviors, various skills related to sports or fine arts, and even typically home goals for your family.  When staff and families share the same vocabulary and conversations it enriches the lives of our youth.



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