The Oakfield Elementary Staff is kicking off the school year by discussing MINDSET with students. It correlates with our school theme this year “Let Your MINDSET the Stage.” I would like to inform you about two important mindsets for the school year:

  1. Learning is hard work.

  2. Learning can be uncomfortable.

As staff, we are learners too.  That means that, in addition to continuing the 4K-5 curriculum development work, we will be closely monitoring students' achievement levels, setting student learning goals, and pushing every student to make as much growth as possible this year.  This work will require learning new skills and acquiring new tools, as well as perseverance and an openness to feedback on what we are doing well and what we need to improve on.

As parents, you can help your learners this year by doing the opposite of what we, as parents, are programmed to do - allow him/her to be uncomfortable at times!  Indeed, all learning occurs outside the comfort zone, not inside it.  Being uncomfortable presents children with an important opportunity for growth.  In fact, a growing area of psychology research in the area of “non-cognitive skills” points to a key predictor of children’s success in college and career - the ability to work through their problems on their own.

The staff are using the MindUp Curriculum to teach in each classroom to support students learning brain-focused strategies for learning and living.  If you would like to learn more about this curriculum check out the website http://mindup.org/?nab=0.

This is a year about creating a growth mindset.  It is a year of learning.  It is a year that will stretch us, challenge us, and yes, it will make each of us wonderfully uncomfortable at times.  What a joy it will be to learn and grow together this year.  After all, we are a community of learners.  We know that learning is HARD WORK!



Becky Doyle, Principal

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“If everyone is moving forward TOGETHER, then SUCCESS will take care of itself!”

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