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As the close of the school year approaches, the Oakfield Elementary Staff will begin to develop preliminary class lists for the 2016 - 2017 school year.  The development of class lists is a collaborative effort and multiple factors are taken into consideration in order to create the best classroom for all students. Teachers certainly understand that they are developing learning groups that will set the stage for success all year long; therefore, student placement is taken very seriously.

    The Oakfield Elementary staff will take into account the needs of each individual child, as well as the needs of the entire cohort of students.  Your child's current teacher has had the pleasure of spending nearly a year with your child and has unique information and insight concerning the conditions under which your child learns best.  Each class will be balanced as much as possible with an equal number of boys and girls, ability levels of students, unique learning styles, and work habits.

    If you have more than one child, you are already aware that each child has distinctive personalities and learning styles.  Therefore, if your older child had a particular teacher, please do not assume that your younger child will be placed with the same teacher.  In the placement process, each child is viewed as a unique individual learner. Our goal is to promote environments that nurture the special gifts of each child.

    Another dimension of the process is the consideration of parent input.  If there is anything about your child’s needs that you would like us to consider in the placement process, please let us know by completing a Parent Input form which is available in the school office.  The placement committee will review these forms before making decisions.  Please do not request a specific teacher but have your comments focus on the learning or social needs of your child.  Input forms should be submitted to Mrs. Doyle no later than Friday, May 13th.

    We have great faith in this process, and believe with the combined knowledge of both teachers and parents we will reach a common goal:  a successful school experience that is focused on children and their unique needs.



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