The Scrip program is run by the PTO and sells gift cards that the PTO buys at a discount. In the past, the profits from elementary student sales went to fund such items as the playground, school shirts, and other projects. Currently, each family is able to keep 80% of the profits for their family’s school expenses. Each family, elementary through high school, will have an account that they can accrue profits in to use on school expenses. You can use your profits to pay for school fees, athletic fees, gym clothes, Netbook fees, school sponsored trip fees, class and club dues, drivers ed (when offered thru school).

For example, if you purchase the cards below, you would be banking $13.60 for your account. If you did this once a month for a year, you would have banked over $160.00!!

Pick N Save (3% profit) $200.00 $6.00 
Friar Tucks (5% profit) 20.00 1.00 
Kohls (5% profit) (can pay bill) 100.00 5.00
Fleet Farm (5% profit) 100.00 5.00
$420.00 $17.00 x 80% = $13.60

Doing so, you have purchased things that you already needed! You can order as often as you need it. Everyone needs groceries and gas; so remember to ask your family and friends!! You can order for them as well (separate checks/payment accepted). You can also use these for gifts, holiday presents, or a shopping trip!

To order:
1. Get a Scrip Order Form available by clicking the link to your left or from your school office. 
Pay with cash or make check payable to “Oakfield Scrip”.
3. Make sure to note at the bottom on the front of the form, how you would like your filled order to be returned to you.
4. At the bottom on the back of the order form, fill in where your profits should go.
5. Instead of your family account, you can also choose to donate your profits to any school, organization, or club; please note this designation on the back of your yellow order form.
6. Put order and payment(s) in an envelope and send Attn. Grace Kaer at the Elementary Office.

We have additional volunteers to help fill orders, each school day at 1:30 pm. The Stores listed on the front of the form are typically stocked at the elementary school and will be filled as soon as available. If any items are not in stock (including those listed on the back of the form), they will be ordered on Mondays and be filled as soon as they are received. Any questions, please contact Grace Kaer at 920.583.3146.

To receive your profit to pay for school related fees:
1. Requests for funds can be made in writing by completing the blue Scrip form.
2. You can bank these amounts in your account for as long as you like. NOTE: Check the store card/certificate language for terms of use.

Scrip will also be sold at all upcoming school events such as future PTO meetings, and many more!! Please look for the Scrip table! Any questions please contact us!

Sarah Laning, PTO President

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