Liz Heider

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Title 1 / Instructional Assistant

     I  have been part of the Oakfield School District for 20 years as an instructional assistant.  I work with grades K-5 as part of the small group reading program.  I live in Lamartine Township with my husband.       

     I didn't always live in the Lamartine Township.  I grew up in Mayville and enjoyed my first 18 years of life.  After graduating from Mayville High School, I moved to Fond du Lac where I attended Marian College.  I started out in Marian's Nursing Program.  After a year and a half, I transferred into Marian's English Education Program.

     During my college years, I started dating a young man from  Oakfield.  Eventually, we married and settled in the Oakfield School District.  Our children attended the schools in Oakfield and we enjoyed the warm, friendly atmosphere of staff and parents.  When our youngest child was in second grade, I started working for the Oakfield School District.

     I heard a college basketball coach say, "If you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life."  To be sure, he must have had me in mind!!!  I love both the children and staff I work with.  They are not only great, but they are fun! 


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