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High School Artwork for the Month: "Nothing Will Last Forever" by Peter Klaske, Senior. Medium: Pencil on Paper

As my Senior year begins I feel like all the memories and friends that had lead me to this point will disappear and move away from me.  As college and my future come close, I can't help but feel like I have left stuff behind (photo, shoe).  I feel like I am packing myself away but leaving part of me behind.

Notes from Mrs. Klassy

MS/HS Principal


The Effects of Social Media on Teens

If you have a teenager in your home, you already know how connected they are to their devices. Being around many teens at school each day is a constant reminder of not only how much they are connected to their devices, but the overwhelming importance they put on their self worth based on the amount of activity they see on their social media sites. Not only do they feel the need to be constantly accepted at school, in addition they now have a secondary platform on which they have to fight for status.

Before social media teenagers kept themselves busy actually hanging out together and navigating different social situations head on. Teens weren’t allowed to hide behind a screen. Missing now are the opportunities to read facial expressions, body language and vocal reactions. This creates an indirect way of speaking that inhibits clear communication. When there is an issue between friends, teenagers don’t sit down face to face to work it out. They take the unhealthy approach of expressing themselves over the internet.

The biggest issue at hand is that this new way of communicating has made it easier for teenagers to be mean to each other. They say things over the internet that they would never say to someone’s face, and instead of trying to work to mend the relationship, they end up making it worse.

What can be done? Experts agree that the best thing that adults can do is to practice healthy habits when it comes to social media. It is up to us to set a good example. As families we should make sure to have time together where there isn’t a screen impeding our conversation. In the home there should be “technology-free zones” and “technology-free hours” where the goal is to engage in actual conversation and time together. This helps to strengthen relationships and to show teenagers that we are available for them when they need us. 

Information for this article was taken from How Using Social Media Affects Teenagers by Rachel Ehmke, found online at https://childmind.org/article/how-using-social-media-affects-teenagers/by the Child Mind Insitute.

Carmen Klassy


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