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OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club

High School Artwork for the Month: "Nothing Will Last Forever" by Peter Klaske, Senior. Medium: Pencil on Paper

As my Senior year begins I feel like all the memories and friends that had lead me to this point will disappear and move away from me.  As college and my future come close, I can't help but feel like I have left stuff behind (photo, shoe).  I feel like I am packing myself away but leaving part of me behind.

Notes from Mrs. Klassy

MS/HS Principal


As we approach the end of the first semester of the 2016-2017 school year, I hope this newsletter finds you well. As I see on a daily basis how hard the staff works in our school district, I wanted to take a little time to give you some more information on how we use our staff development time. Moreover, I wanted to answer the question of:

What are teachers doing when the students are released from school early?

Roughly twice a month students are released two hours early from school in order to give our staff important collaboration time to meet the needs of the state, and more importantly, our students. In addition to this time spent, teachers also spend about an hour a week outside of school in staff meetings to meet these needs as well. Here are some of the main topics covered during this staff development time:

  • Collaboration about student needs and creating consistency of practice among teachers in order to help meet those needs.

  • Implementing best practices in terms of teaching methods and classroom management. This is especially critical for new staff members, as becoming a great teacher cannot happen in isolation.

  • Assessing data from various sources in order to get a better understanding of where our students are and what they need in order to grow.

  • Completion of tasks under the Effectiveness Project, the evaluation system required of all of our teachers.

  • Future staff development time will also include an increased focus on Academic and Career Planning, a statewide initiative that has certain requirements beginning in the 2017-2018 school year.

Mrs. Doyle and I want to extend our gratitude to Dr. Dalzin and the school board for their support in maintaining this schedule for our staff, as we believe it is a vital component of our school success. The results of our district and school report cards support this claim. Most of all, we want to extend a thank you to parents and community members for your understanding of what is accomplished during this invaluable time, and the support you give us to make it a reality.


Carmen Klassy


Oakfield High School



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