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OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club
OHS Art Club

High School Artwork for the Month: "Nothing Will Last Forever" by Peter Klaske, Senior. Medium: Pencil on Paper

As my Senior year begins I feel like all the memories and friends that had lead me to this point will disappear and move away from me.  As college and my future come close, I can't help but feel like I have left stuff behind (photo, shoe).  I feel like I am packing myself away but leaving part of me behind.

Notes from Mrs. Klassy

The beginning of the school year has gotten off to a great start! Staff members are very busy providing excellent lessons for our students, and the students themselves are settling in to get to work. Here are some important things we would like you to know:


Staff Development Trainings and Implementation

Over the summer staff continued to learn and grow in their craft. We will take knowledged gained over the summer and work to implement it during our professional development time during the year. We have already begun this important work over the last few weeks.

Staff have been learning about the work of John Hattie and his take on Visible Learning. Visible Learning means that we are focused on being evaluators of our own teaching. We are honing in on learning outcomes based on the use of best practices, and are willing to alter those practices for each individual student when that particular student is not learning. The foundational pieces of Visible Learning that we are focusing on are building relationships and collective efficacy. The relationship building piece is critical, as students will grow leaps and bounds if they are working with an adult that they have a connection to. Collective efficacy refers to our staff working together to create a culture in which Visible Learning is who we are, not just what we do. With these two pieces it place, it will be easier to figure out how to assist students in their learning.

In order to carry out the work of Visible Learning, teachers are working together in Impact Teams, either with their grade level or their subject area, to work on best practice, common assessments, essential standards and student support. Work on these areas takes place during our staff meeting times on Wednesday after school and during early release time on Friday.

The positive energy and enthusiasm has been evident from our staff since day one. We are committed to working together in order to take our schools to the next level, and we are all proud to be Oaks.

Go Team!

Carmen Klassy


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