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Teach 21 This site was designed by teachers to assist colleagues in planning and delivering effective 21st century instruction in West Virginia Classrooms. It enables educators to quickly access 21st Century Content Standards, Learning Skills and Technology Tools for WV Schools, as well as other resources that exemplify rigorous and relevant instructional design and delivery.

Curriculum Core-A site developed to help weave the common core into your curriculum.  K-6 all subject areas.
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Common Core Reading Lessons- Common Core lessons and resources for reading from grades K-12.  
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Read Tennessee- Excellent source for reading and math lessons based on common core standards.  A great toolkit for teachers that lists media sources, lesson, centers/activities, and assessments.  

Common Core PlanningSite that allows you to create common core lesson plans with the use of drop down menus. Tool to help plan, track, and report common core standards based teaching.

Common Core Standards- Month by month CCSS lessons you can use immediately.  Includes math, ELA, and science.


RTI Glossary- Complete list of RTI words and definitions. PDF
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RTI Progress Monitoring- Worksheet and guidelines for progress monitoring.  PDF
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Minds in Bloom-  Strategies and activities to promote creative and critical thinking.  Many resources and ideas.

RTI- Response to instruction has ideas, strategies, and tools for reaching and meeting the needs of all students.

Differentiation- Dare to differentiate has is a Wiki dedicated to give teachers resources to meet and challenge all students in their classroom.

Daily Five

The Daily CafeSite to enhance your teaching and create immediate success for both you and your students!  This site was created as a supplement to the Daily Five workshops, and is a critical tool in up-dating and supporting friends and colleagues from all over the world.
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Read Works- This site has lesson ideas and resources for specific reading skills and strategies to be taught in mini lessons in Daily Five.


K-5 Math Resources- This site provides an extensive collection of free resources, math games, and hands-on math activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Great ideas and labels for math journals by grade level.
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Technology Tools for Classroom- Wiki with updated technology tools for classroom teachers to use in their classroom.

Classroom media- Wisconsin Media Lab, a division of ECB, curates cost-free PK-12 multimedia educational content.  Award-winning classroom resources align to Common Core State Standards and span all curricular areas




Infinite Learning Lab- Virginia Department of Education site on life skills and English skills.
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